Love is a telephone Love is a telephone which always keeps silent when you are longing for a call, but rings when you are not ready for it. As a result, we often miss the sweetness from the other end. Love is a telephone which is seldom program-controlled or directly dialed. You cannot get an immediate answer by a mere“hello”, let alone go deep into your lover's heart by one call. Usually it had to be relayed by an operator, and you have to be patient in waiting. Destiny is the operator of this phone, who is always irresponsible and fond of laying practical jokes to which she may make you a lifelong victim intentionally or unintentionally. Love is a telephone which is always busy, When you are ready to die for love, you only find, to your disappointment, the line is already occupied by someone else, and you are greeted only by a busy line, This is an eternal regret handed down from generation to generation and you are only one of those who languish for followers. Love is telephone, but it is difficult to seize the center time for dialing, and you will let slip the opportunity if your call is either too early or too late. Love is a telephone which is not always associated with happiness. Honeyed words are transmitted by sound waves, but when the lovers are brought together, the phone servers no purpose that many lovers observe that marriage is the doom of love. Love is a telephone which, when you use it for the first time, makes you so nervous and excited that you either hold the receiver upside down or dial the wrong number. By the time you've calmed down, you will beat a loss to whom you should make the call. Love is a telephone which often has crossed lines. And this usually happens to you unexpectedly. Your time will either cross or be crossed. Both cases are refereed to as “triangle”。

Fortunately, all such occurrences are transient. 爱情是一部电话机,渴望它响起时,它却总是悄无声息;不经心留意时,它又丁零零地响起。因此,我们经常错过另一端传来的温馨的甜蜜。




这是人类代代相袭的永恒的遗憾,只不过你是又一个为花而憔悴的人。 爱情这部电话机,有时也很灵敏,一拨就通,一“喂”就应。




难怪许多相爱的人说道“婚姻是爱情的坟墓”。 爱情这部电话机,第一次使用,会令你紧张、激动不已,不是倒拿了话筒,就是拨错了号码。

等你不再紧张激动的时候,往往不知道该给谁打电话为好。 爱情这部电话机,经常线路相串。







后来,他告诉我,看着站在他面前的我,他也有同样的感觉。 My first love was fast in high school graduation. He was a big year-old boy than I am bi. Till now, I still remember the first time we spoke that way, looking at the stranger, but he never felt before that you ever saw this person. Later, he told me, look at me standing in front of him, he felt the same.。



A fairy tale

A girl and a boy were on a motorcycle, speeding through the night.

they loved each other a lot..

girl:" Slow down a little.. I'm scared.."

boy: "no, it's so fun.."

girl: "please。 it's so scary.."

boy: "then say that you love me.."

girl: "fine..i love you..can you slow down now?"

boy: "give me a big hug.."

the girl gave him a big hug.

girl: "now can you slow down?"

boy: "can you take off my helmet and put it on? it's uncomfortable and? It's bothering me while i drive."

the next day, there was a story in the newspaper. a motorcycle had crashed into a building because its brakes were broken.

there were two people on the motorcycle, of which one died, and the other had survived。

the guy knew that the brakes were broken. he didn\'t want to let the girl know, because he knew that the girl would have gotten scared.

instead, he was told the last time that she loved him, got a hug from her,put his helmet on her so that she can live, and die himself。

once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale。



LOVE right?wrong?

In modern times,love is a popular topic,espacially in our fleshmen.But is it right or wrong on earth?

When we get in a university,we can see many loves here and there.Some people say that it is a good thing but others think it is a bad thing.

In my opinion,love is very strange.It can make you more strong and happy if you can deal with it in a suitable way.On the other hand,if you get struct,you many lost a lot.We should see love as a sord with two sides. we must strongth our study ability at first.Then we can think about love.

At last,I hope everone can have a good love .


love plays an important part in this world today.When we use the word "love", we do not simply mean an attraction to a person of the opposite sex, which is a very narrow definition of the word. Love is emotional strength, which can support us no matter how dark the world around us becomes.

the love between you and your parents is a special one.Fatherly and motherly love by its very nature is unconditional.Mother is thehome we come from, she is nature, soil, the ocean; father does not represent any such natural home.Love from family is the most brilliant sunshine in the world.No matter where we come out far,or fly higher,in the eyes of our parents,we are always the apple of their eye.being cared for every day. Silent love is the most beautiful voice in the world.

.there are other kinds of love.Love between you and your friends,love between couples。

In a word,love is an important part of one's life.


Some of the elements in the love story have changed over time. In the ancient world and during the Middle Ages, love stories did not have happy endings, and they focused on love outside of social and economic status. This was an innovation at that time, because most marriages were arranged and the partners were of the same social class. Beginning in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, love stories began to have happy endings, because marriage was coming to be rooted in feelings of truelove and couples came together by personal choice. Modern love stories are influenced by Hollywood, and often feature pre-marital and extra-marital sexual relationships, and single parents with children. Over the years, a conventional format was followed. As entertainment and moral values changed, however, the distinction between convention and innovation became blurred. The conventional love story formula has several elements: The couple wants to be together. Often it is love at first sight.。


Falling in love with in college As it is known, when we are in high school, we all have a constant goal that is to get the entrance to college, and hard work is out of question for the following. So we gain the notice to college finally which we often dream of in the nights, which proves a proverb that the god doesn't live up to someone who spends time and efforts, please memorize the sentence for good. Of course one day we went to college in August or September happily and proudly, but at the same time something happened that it made your heart pounding fiercely next, by the way, that is love for many college students. And then they miss the directions and their selves as well for their lives. Next I am to express that I am neutral for falling in love in college, however I have some ideas to illustrate of my own. Firstly, if you are passers-by, I think we will find a lot about several couples of boyfriends and girlfriends under the dorms or dim corners or in the classes without anybody for close postures, as youngsters, it is normal without asking cause about that. Secondly, even worth mentioning is that many young boys and girls couldn't attend classes and courses instead of traveling to some sceneries and sight places or doing other things only to turn out them loved each other temporarily./ Thirdly, especially to most of freshmen, please don't be influenced by the phenomenon that a number of students who finds anther half called by them selves proudly, because I think persons are different from each other, different characters, backgrounds and aims. But there is one point to obey if you actually want to have an attempt the feeling for love at first sight: it is , whenever you and I am, the learning and the work is the most principle rather than love is the first and work second, for we aren't children and teenagers anymore, in the future society needs a comprehensive qualifications, profound and extensive knowledge persons, meanwhile in college you are in the state of half foot to society which time is a most important process to exercise and experience before stepping to complicated and complex society, and therefore we are supposed to spend much time in learning instead. What are mentioned above are only my opinions, believing that others have more perfect for falling in love in college.。


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